Dr. Barrow at Emory in Atlanta, Ga

Has anyone ever seen this surgeon? Can I please get opinions? I go see him on the 6th and Im getting realy nervous.

Hay, just google him mate and you will get people thoughts etc

Kia Kaha Tiahi


Hi there, YES! I am very familiar with Dr. Barrow. He was not my daughter’s doctor (she was at CHOA and is seen by Drs. Reisner and Wrubel) however, Dr. Barrow is the doctor of a friend we met at CHOA. He has an excellent reputation, and has actually taught other doctors at Emory and CHOA. Dr. Barrow and his team saved our friend’s life. She is only 14; suffered a massive bleed from an AVM. The CHOA team sent the girl to Dr. Barrow to do surgery…that says a lot! THe family of this young lady thinks the world of him and his expertise in neuro surgery! I would feel very good about being in his care.

Oh I just noticed you went to see Dr. Barrow today: how did it go?