Dr. Gary Steinberg - at Stanford - Best Doctor Ever - He preformed Brain Surgery on me. He saves Lives!


We’re with you there Elaine. His team is awesome too. Mary Marcellus, Jolie Vavao and Theresa Bell-Stevens are all so on top of everything. They certainly keep the residents and interns jumping! :slight_smile:

I agree, I am only alive because he was my surgeon. 2-1-94

Us too!

Chari had a couple of conventional surgeries by Dr. Steinberg and a half dozen embolizations from Dr. Marks from about 1998 - 2002. Love his RNs! Mary and Theresa are the ones that REALLY run that show.

Of course it helps that Mary was on the floor as an RN when Gary was an intern–so she has some history on him!

I have never seen such great patient care–from top to bottom, but especially the teams: Chari was being discharged after one embo and a neuro (forget her name, sorry) saw us in the hall leaving. She stopped us, apologized for not getting there sooner, and conducted an abbreviated neuro exam right there in the hallway. She CARED about her patient!

They are on our Christmas Card List, and 2 yrs ago, we stopped to see Mary on our retirement road trip! They all go above and beyond the normal patient care.

Ron, Ks

I will never forget Dr. Steinberg. He saved my daughter’s life. Dr. Pappas the Neuro Surgeon at Kaiser said it was to risky to do surgery, he gave us no hope for a cure. Dr. Steinberg said what is to risky for Dr. Conrad Pappas was not for him. Dr. Steinberg has done over 2,000 of these surgeries and has a 98% success rate.

My surgery was on October 28, 2003. Dr. Steinberg is a genius and I am very happy to have met him. I am very happy that he did my surgery. However, after hearing that I should have immediate brain surgery, which is very disconcerting, I was more happy to hear a few months later, I believe the doctors exact words were, you are cured. Six years later, I still get choked up about hearing those words. Good luck to everyone here, especially all of Dr. Steinberg’s patients.


I strongly agree with you & everyone else here - thumbs up!

Dr. Steinberg has done 3 of my 4 cavernous malformation surgeries - GREAT dr!

I have so much gratitude, respect and sacred TRUST in him and his team.

Happy Mom's day to everyone,