Dr. Martin visit

I took my 9 yr old daughter to see Dr. Martin of UCLA. My daughter has a superficial AVM on the surface of her brain. From reviewing the MRI, Dr. Martin indicated that he wants my daughter to rather get the AVM embolized rather than have surgery.

That was confusing to me since I thought surgery was the best way to treat this type of AVM. I only found out about the embolization after the meeting when I called the nurse for a clarification. I had thought Dr. Martin wanted my daughter to get a second opinion, but it turned out that he wants an embolization instead.

Does that sound normal?

I would get a second opinion even tho I thing you already dealing with one of the best for AVM treatments in the world. Dr Martin has treated alot of people on this site,but he could have missed somthing. Click on this link

Thanks Gordon. Will do the second opinion. In the meantime, my daughter saw Dr. Duckwiler at UCLA for possible embolization treatment. Based on his review of the MRI, he suggested an angiogram, which made sense before any treatment options are even discussed.

He mentioned that my daughter has a diffuse AVM which is even rarer than AVM. that just broke my heart since I was led to believe that it was a small superficial AVM by others. So for now bad news went worse. I need to now study up on diffuse AVM.

I wish you the best and your daughter as well. I have my next appointment with my neurosurgeon at Riverside County Regional medical center on March 26 and am going to be getting a referral to UCLA for radiation treatment. Is there anyone there that you would recommend? If so i’d appreciate it. Thank you

Seems like Dr. Martin is the know it all and will be able to guide you. He is so busy the wait is usually three months. He does not do radiation but UCLA is one of the best for AVM treatment as the other UCLA doctors will usually consult with him.

I have an avm on left occipital area…According to my Dr theres 3 ways to tread the avm…embolization, craniotomy, and then gamma knife, Well you can ask if thats the best procedure to be done onyour daugther…if you not happy with what he said you should change Dr… Or get a second opinion is always good to Be safe then not…Would thats my opinion… A father always wants the best of their love ones…Good luck…God bless…