Dr's in Northern Virginia/Washington DC

After speaking with my Doctor today, I was informed that most likely because of my HMO, my request for treatment at John's Hopkins would be denied. Nevertheless, I was informed that if the service was not available in the Kaiser Permanente network in the DC/MD/VA area that then Kaiser would likely pay for this.

I am wondering if anyone has had experience with Dr. Ben Nguyen of Arlington VA. He was listed as a Top Doctor in Washington DC back in 2008, and has impressive credentials. Harvard undergrad and Medical, UCLA Neurosurgery center, and an assistant professor at GWU Medical.

I'll be meeting with him on Monday, but am curious to figure out more about his practice and experience with AVM's. I am not able to find much information about him online.

I haven't had any experience with him, I was looking at Dr. Banovac at Georgetown, but that's because my AVM is in the extremities. He's had experience with AVM's, and there's also a Dr. Daniel Lee there that has experience in neural radiology, which would be good for brain avms.

I'm interested to hear what happened. While I'm very familiar with GW Hospital, it's not largely recognized as a cardiac care center, not like Washington Hospital Center or Georgetown.

Lemme know what happens, I'm interested to hear. Good luck I know HMO's stink.

John’s Hopkins denied me, too, but now I’m being treated at UMD medical center, and they’re taking pretty good care of me. :slight_smile: Maybe you could check it out?

Best of luck!

Hi Michael. I had an HMO at the time of my illness. I was turned down originally by them because Dr. Barrow at Emory Univ. was not on their list of approved surgeons. The HMO surgeon went to bat for me and the HMO later on approved Dr. Barrow for the surgery! I am soooooo thankful to the HMO surgeon! His specialty was tumors not AVMS. I have never forgotten what he did for me!

Best of luck on Monday!!!!!

You need to ask questions like: How many avm treatments/ surgeries per year, get statistics, go to a place where they see alot of people with our condition. I believe your doctor should also be kind of street smart, so meet them in person. I went to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philly, was a good experience, Ive had all of my procedures in one facility with one surgeon.Two embos, one GK. I think they see about 2000 patients a year. Good Luck!

THanks for the great input. I met with my surgeon yesterday and am fairly confident in his abilities. He was very good in describing it to me and is on the board of directors for Radiosurgery at a hospital here in Northern Virginia. He told me about a couple of other patients and said that he has seen many people with this particular condition.

I found out that my AVM is of about average size for what he has seen and lies on/in my cerebellum. I am going for an MRI to determine the exact location and size and also to determine the best course of treatment which according to him can include excision of radiosurgery.

Good to hear Michael!! I’m glad you found someone you’re comfy and confident in because that’s 1/2 the battle. I’m glad that it’s not humungous like mine is. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.