Dry eye

after so many stc and brain angiograms, and afeter my surgery i am ok but i was left wihth chronic eye drynesss, any one has this problem? i think it may have beeing the x rays in my head

Are you on any meds as some have dry eye as a side-effect. You can buy eye drops for dry eyes as some medication effects the eyes natural ability to produce moisture. I have had dry eyes but that has been due to medication.

Good luck

You may be on to something there. I had a craniotomy a little over 6 years ago and was using eye drops all the time immediately following. I now find myself reaching for them at least twice a day. Before my surgery, I had never used them before.

My left (affected side) eye is always dry too. I asked the doctor/opthamologist; he gave me some drops. If I remember correctly, this is a brain error, not an eye error! The brain forgets how to regulate eye fluid or something like that, another case of crossed wires! My AVM was right temporal, but all my defecencies, are on my left, including my dry eye. He gave me liquid tears. But if I remember correctly like all crutches, the brain can forget how to make tears on its own if we cheat? Ask your opthamologist maybe

Do any of you blink more than before your bleed or surgery? My husbands avm/crani was left temporal. Now he seems to blink excessively with his right eye. Could that be because his eye is dry? Do most of you use OTC drops or prescription? Thanks everyone!

Try using fish oil supplements or eat more fish for about a few weeks and see if it helps. Whatever the cause, adding more omega 3 fatty oils often helps a ton. My doc loves this as a regular supplement anyway, and I just don't like fish so I do the supplements. Sardines are perfect, but I really can't stand it.

Stress is bad for everything, and something as simple as drinking green tea or chamomile tea can be simple and help your body fight stress naturally.

be well!