Has anyone else been diagnosed with a Autonomic nervous system disorder after craniotomy or a bleed? I’m two years post bleed and had to have the surgery to correct my cerebellar AVM. I have no physical deficits but i’ve been left with an anxiety disorder that my doctor now thinks may be caused by a nervous system disorder called Dysautonomia. All the strange, fuzzy, anxious and dizzy feelings I’ve been having are actually physically caused by damage from the AVM. After two years of just feeling a little bit off and being told to deal with it, that its just what I’m left with post surgery, I finally have an explanation. Does anyone know if this is a common disorder?

I have never heard of it but an going to look it up now. I too feel “a little bit off” and dizzy, and anxious since my crani. I was told pretty much to just deal with it too, although I do have a prescription for Xanax when I need it. Did your doctor say that anyhing can be done about the disorder?

Hi Trish. I also use Xanax and I go to a neuro psychologist for the anxiety/panic disorder. My primary care doctor is the one who just made the Dysautonomia diagnosis, two years after treatment of the AVM. I have a large scar going down the back of my neck from the surgery and my doctor thinks that if he injects me on my scar tissue with local anastetic that it may improve the electrical impulses back there causing the strange sensations. He is also treating me with multiple vitamin supplements at high doses. He says that the condition may improve but probably not go away all together. Wikipedia has a really good page on the disorder.