EEG / neurosurgeon

Well tomorrow i get to go have an EEG done. Dr. have a wrapped sense of humor i have decided today. They want to c if they can throw me into a seizure, aren’t they susposed to help keep what brain cells we have left, not see if they can kill come in the process. LOL!!! This should be interesting tomorrow. On the Feb. 23rd I get to see a second neurosergeon for final treatment options or atleast thats what I am told. I have already been told its emobilization and surgery are the best treatment options because 2 majory arteries are affected in my brain. I just want to get this done and over with. I haven’t been to the doctors this many times since I was diagnosed and thankfully cancer free for 4 yrs now. I am tired of feeling like everything is a waiting game. My AVM is intact but, I can’t help but wonder everyday i today is going to be the day it decides to rupture. I am not a control freak but, if this can be handled in a non emergency basis i would like for it to go down that way. I am really trully scared !!! and know I can’t hurry the process and in a way I don’t, and the process I’m sure its going as fast as it can, But everyday I can’t help but wonder is today going to be the day when my head hurts the most !!!

Well…I guess I am going to have to bump you to the front of my prayer list. Please keep us informed!