Embolization "birthday"

Exactly 3 years ago, the neuroradiologists embolized my large AVM. They were planning to do 2 to 3 embolizations before neurosurgery. They prepared also a room of neurosurgery in case of immediate problem... To their own surprise, they could totally occlude the AVM (right frontal with very high rate and veinous ectasia) after 5 hours of struggle.
I am considered AVM-free but I bear in mind these 3 years of fears between the AVM discovery (by chance) to my final decision (after a first bleeding) to do try to do something.
I am AVM-free but I belong for ever to the AVM community.
I wanted to share this kind of birthday with all of you and to give some hope.

I’m glad that you did something, and now you’re AVM free, which I’m sure is a major burden off your mind. Congrats. I also did surgery and am AVM free as well. But I agree, I do feel I’m always going to be part of the AVM community as well, and damn proud of it.

Wonderful news. Very happy to hear that. Thank you for giving others hope.

Congrats! Going to take my embolization next week.
What embolization agent you used?

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing some positive news!

Hi Brox!
Onyx was used.
Let us know the result of your embolization.
All the best...