Embolization does it cause seizures?

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A few questions regarding embolization. For those of you that have had the procedure How long ago? What were the side effects? Did anyone have seizures? Was embolization the end of the avm? Did you had to follow up with surgery or radiation? Did you have or are you still taking medications? Most of all how do you feel? Was the procedure successful? Has this improved your life style in any way? Any informations or exsperiences on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Help! Trying to make an informed decisions.
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I had a total of four embolizations done. They were done in 2004-2005. The first one caused me to have migraines but after the second it went well. I had seizures prior to being treated. I can say with medication adjustments and probably partly due to the procedures my seizures have improved. After the embo’s I was followed up with two radiation treatments and I am in a waiting period right now to see if I need more. I still take seizure medications today. I suffered with many things before any treatment so it is hard to say if the treatments themselves caused anything if anything it was mostly headaches. I felt very tired and worn out all the time but this could be from medications too. I resigned my job and it took a couple months but I feel I am getting better. My AVM is closing off so that is a very good sign. My friends and family feel things are better since they witnessed alot with me. Write down all your concerns and talk with the doctors.

Hi there. I had my embolization in August of 2001. The very next day after the embolization, I had a craniotomy. My AVM was located in the left motor cortex area, and unforunately, was not successfully treated by the embolization or craniotomy alone. I ended up having to have the gamma knife treatment as well. Right after the first two surgeries, I had some wicked siezures affecting the left side of my body. It would go completely numb and start to shake. This happened for a few weeks after the embolizatoin and craniotomy. I was on a number of different seizure meds, Dilantin, Topomax and Zonegran. I received a great diagnosis three years after the surgery. The AVM was obliterated!!!

I am no longer on any medications and have very little, if any, side affects. I had the surgery when I was 30 years old with three small children to care for, so for me, I had to have it. I didn’t feel like I could live with this and always wondering if and when.

Hi Melissa,

Thank you for your response. It was very imformative. Can you explain obliterated. Does it mean it is gone or just not working.
Given the choise of the meds you took which one was the one with the least side effects. How soon the seizures started after the ambolization/craniotomy? How long since you have been symptoms and med free from 2001?

Hi. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I haven’t been on the website in a while.

To answer your questions, obliterated means gone. I liked the zonegran the best as far as medications were concerned. I didn’t have any hair loss and I didn’t have that really zoned out feeling that some of the other meds caused. It took me about six months after my surgery to physically recover and about another six to eight months to mentally be okay with everything that happened. About a year after that I got a clean bill of health. Everyone said that I was okay, but they still didn’t want to take me off my meds. I went to a few different docters who had a few different opinions. I finally started weening myself off the medication and have been medication free for about two years. I have had no side effects. I hope that answers some of your questions. Again, sorry it took me so long to respond.

Hi Silvia
My son had 2 Embo in April and july in Paris by Professor Jacques Moret.It is 100 pct closed.He had hair loss after second Embo but now is regrowing.

Good news Alireza! I’m happy your son’s AVM is 100% closed off.
So hair loss is quite normal after embolisation? Or is it because of the radiation?
Silvia, thanks for asking all those questions, and thanks to everyone else for the informative replies. I’m expecting my invitation to the UMC for the first embo within a couple of weeks so every little helps. Being German in Holland with only the support of an English-speaking group is exhausting :slight_smile: