Embolization Done!

I had my embolization done yesterday for Dural AV Fistula! Docotor thinks it went great. Said he is 90% confident that they were able to completly close it. Said the angio done right after showed it was closed. I have to go for a follow up in 4 weeks and then one more angio to confirm it is still closed! Overall the experience has been great! I have a bit of a headache but the worse lying flat on my back for 24 hours! I am also a bit tired but hoping will be back to normal before too long!


That is great, best of luck in 4 weeks but I’m sure all will be good.

Kia Kaha Taiki


Such GREAT news Kathryn - so happy for you!!!

I can’t believe how great I feel! I thought I would be in bed for a few days but other than a mild headache I feel normal… The only pain is not being able to lift the baby!! Thankfully I have lots of support and help!