Embolization done

Hi Guys, I am recovering from my first Embo. They said they managed to knock out the three feeders and seem to think that will really help. I’m still really groggy from three hours sedation so back to bed, I’m even more swollen that when I went in, I guess this is normal and it is conciderably more painful, so not feeling great but I’m still here and I can still manages to smile. Love to you all.


Hi Roland. I can’t imagine how that must feel to have that pain in your face. I hope you have some good pain meds. You sound tired and sore so rest well and let us know how you are feeling tomorrow. Thanks for checking in and letting us you had your first treatment.

Hey Roland! Yikes, I don’t know how I missed the fact that you were in already. Guess it’s too late to send you off with "good luck!
Glad to hear that it went well and is over. And yes, the swelling will be worse for a few days but we will keep our fingers crossed that it will be smaller than it was pre-embo once the swelling goes back down. Get lots of rest and take all the good pain meds. And at this point, I say you deserve to cheat on your diet and get yourself some yummy treats. Specially if it is hard to eat…that just means chocolate milkshakes should be your new meal!