Last month, I had a stroke, which was caused by a bleed from my AVM. The surgeons determined that I was best suited for embolization. I understand this is four procedures, followed by radiation.

Has anyone gone through this? And if you have could you explain how it went for you?


How are you feeling now Mike?

my friend brad had 10 emolizations and also radiation…The embloizations didn’t seem to be so hard on him other then he couldn’t move his leg for about 4 hours. He always stayed in the hospital 24 hrs. We only had one scare and that was when some of the glue leaked, Brad never even knew, the doctor came and got me and told me the next 2 hrs they really had to watch him…He did well with the radiation also…I still have the what if’s

Hi Mike,
My son has had 14 embolization procedures the first one at two weeks old. They have saved his life.

Hi Mike i had embo after a bleed in Oct 07 and going in to hosp next week for an angiogram to see whats what so i’ll be able to tell you more then, but there are lots of others who have had embo on this site that could maybe tell you more

Hi Amanda,

I’m still getting a handle on how to use this network, but I’m getting there.

Thank you for replying. I had an embo last week and although I had a headache after the procedure, the doctors have manged to fill approximately 50% of the AVM with Onyx glue. I go in for another procedure (no date yet determined) when my brain is “ready” as the doctor put it. There’s part of the AVM that is located in my brain stem that the doctors want to leave alone.

How did everything go for you?

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Hi Mike
Went in on Thur afternoon and was sitting all ready in my lovely hosp gown and white socks on Fri but at lunch time the nurse came and told me the angio was cancelled as an emergency had come in. I didn’t mind as that person needed it more than me and I was prob that emergency back in Oct, just hope the poor buggar wil be ok.

From what I’,ve read they tend to try leave the brain stem avm’s alone as to risky.

Just like you i now have to wait on a new app, i hate waiting about cause of this thing in our heads…