On 6/17/08 I had an embolization (It was my second; the first one was on 4/9/08.) After the second embo, I have been experiencing a " extremely lightheaded feeling when I try to read the newspaper while I’m eating or whenever I bend to do anything. t then takes 15-20 minutes before this “fogginess” lifts. Has anyone that has gone through an embo (or knows someone that has,) experienced this? What did you do to relieve the symptons?

i had surgery but if it helps i still get abit light headed bending my head too…

After my first embo I was light headed and actually had severe headache. The doctors did the second and the headache eased up but I did expierence some light headedness still. They told me to give it a couple weeks so I did. It did clear up. There are times this still happens but I am also on multiple seizure medications which causes me to be light headed. My third and four embo’s went fine. Did you ask the doctor about it? To relieve the symptoms for me I just layed down on my back in bed with my head a little elevated and my legs until it passed. Are you on seizure medication?

Hi Mike,
I had both…The embolization first and the next day craniotomy. I know that anything to do with the brain will cause you to feel lightheadedness. I still feel that way. My vision is ok but I get very off balance at times …especially around the pool. I think it is like Vertigo that I’m experiencing. If I get really bad I lay down…until it passes.
Sending Angel light and Love…d

Hi Lee Ann,

Thank you for getting back so quickly. It seems the experience you had is similar to mine. I find myself lying down to get rid of the feeling I’m having. I’m glad to hear the light headedness went away after a while and I hope mine will too.

I have been on anti-seizure medication for twenty five years. The med is like a security blanket for me, I never go more than 12 hrs without taking it. But taking it has paid off–knock on wood–I’ve only had one seizure.

Unfortunately, the operating doctor doesn’t want to say anything and my regular neuroligist has a very full slate right now. But, what you’ve said makes sense–hopefully it applies in my case, too.



Hi Rhoda Teo,

Thanks for getting back. You mention being light-headed when you bend over. Has this feelingchanged the way you do things?



You are welcome Mike no problem. Just know you know your own body so don’t hesitate to call the doctor again if it does not clear up. We are all here if you need to talk.

Lee Ann