I am about to have my first embo, and was wondering if anyone could tell me what to expect afterwards. Will I be incapacited, will I be able to work, and so on and so forth? Any info would be appreciated

I had two embo’s. I had one in Dec 08 and one in Jan 09. I was put under anesthesia for the procedure and afterward had to lay still for a few hours because of the catheter that they use goes in through the groin artery. I felt fine afterward. I was groggy due to the anesthesia for a bit and had some headaches on and off for about a week but other then that was fine. I don’t know about anyone else but my embo’s went very smooth and the only complaint was the occasional head pain. Best wishes!!!

Thanks Rachel. Thats good news. I hope mine go as well. Are you AVM free now?

My daughter had 5 embolizations on her AVM that was in her cerebellum. Each time she was put under twilight anesthesia, with earphones in her ears, so that she was mostly unconscious, but could respond when the doctors asked her to move certain parts of her body. She said the 3 or 4 hours in surgery felt like 30 minutes or so.

When she would be wheeled to the ICU afterward, she would be conscious and able to respond to us. Then when they would call us to come see her in her ICU room she would be totally zonked out and look so pitiful. But when we would come back the next morning she would be all chipper and feeling really silly being in the ICU when she “wasn’t even sick.” So, I can only infer that the embolizations aren’t the worst things in the world, all things considered. In fact, she said she thought the first angiogram was worse than the embos. (I think it’s just because she was so much more scared with the first angio, because everything was still also so new and shocking.)

Good luck with your embolizations. I hope the do the job for you!

Hi David!

I’d have to agree, embos aren’t that big of a deal. I just had my 18th alcohol embo yesterday and we are getting ready to go out to dinner with friends. Granted my embo wasn’t in my brain, but from what I can tell, it isn’t that much worse than having it in your face.

The waiting flat for four hours is probably one of the worst parts, but that’s just cause I am impatient patty!!!

You probably won’t feel well for a few days, there can be some pain associated with it for sure, but nothin a little vicodin can’t help with. You should be out of work for a few days probably but back to “normal” mostly within a week.

Hope that helps put your mind at ease. It seems like such a scary thing, and don’t get me wrong there absolutley are risks. But the odds of something going wrong are slim, and from a patients perspective the whole thing really isn’t that big of a deal.

Good luck!

Thanks fore the info. I am to have a few embos then gamma knife then th.e crainiotomy. That’s what ilm worried about the most. Anyway thanks for the reply

Hi David…I’ve had three embo’s (lungs) in the past 6 months. For each of them I took a week off work, but I know what you mean re: what on earth to expect for recovery time off work and what to expect. No one can really say, and I wanted to know so that I could plan. I found that the thing that tired me the most and required recooperation from, was the stress and not so much the procedure. (this was from lung embo’s not brain…I can’t comment on a neurological experience) Give yourself some time to chill out and if you have the kind of job that will let you book one full week to relax…then take the week. I was able to answer emails and stay on top of issues…in my experience! Hope things go smooth as silk! /pat