I just had my first Embolization At Duke on Thursday Dec 17 and stayed 24 hours in ICU. They were able to reduce my AVM down by 1/3. I am recovering very quickly. No nausea or seizures. I haven’t even had much of a headache. I will be recuperating for 1 more week, then back to work. I am scheduled to have my first SRS/ radiation treatment (Novalis TX) on Jan 8. I just cannot believe how well my body has bounced back from this brain operation. I hope I am this fortunate w/ the SRS procedure.


Stay positive, the body is amazing at bouncing back.


Hey Caroline! Glad your embo went well and that you are recovering better than you imagined. That has to be good for your spirits :slight_smile: You must be almost ready to head back to work by now. I hope that you are feeling well and ready to tackle that next treatment. Good luck!


great to hear that your treatment went so well and you are feeling so great so soon after…stay strong and keep positive may the rest of your treatments be so simple and straight forward…sending you lots of positive energies to help you through this journey