I was just wondering how many emolizations each of you had to have…Was just wondering if 10 was alot

I have only had gamma-knife, but from what I remember during my research, ten does seem like a lot.

Thanks Ben, How are you…Myself much better…Talk to you soon

i’ve only had 1 so far but have spoken to another guy in UK and he has had 7 in 5 years, they has a mind of their own, bloosy AVM’s!

3 done during the last session in April - looking at 4-5 more sessions this year. I also had coil embolizations done back in 2000, and I think there’s about 4 of those.

I’m back from what may be my final doctor visit for a few months. A couple of very minor side effects persist (slight facial numbness and teeth sensitive to cold) but most everything else seems to be normal. AVM continues to shrink. It’s been 15 months since gamma and probably another 9 to go. Thank you for asking and I’m glad you are better. Take care!

That’s good news, Ben…you must be very happy!

I had 3 emolizations, then the craniotomy was performed exactly one week after the first embolization.
Take care,Theo :slight_smile:

Hi Mellisa
My son had the first embo in April and the second is going to be done in June .Probably he will have one more two.
In the site of “Aneurysm & aaAVM support” I remen=mber a lady had 7 embo but I never heaRD ABOUT 10.