As some of you may know, I am a recent college grad, and a not so recent single mom. Along with the stress of everyday mommyhood, and AVMs everywhere, I am broke and it is so hard to find a career that I am capable of maintaining. I am so desperate I have even thought about applying to minimum wage jobs, but bc of the side effects of the embolization, I can’t do anything that requires standing or sitting for a long period of time. I also have no feeling on the right side of my body, but none of this negates the fact that I need to provide a decent standard of living for my son. Does anyone have any suggestions, hook-ups, connections…etc? I will eternally grateful to anyone. And drug trafficking is NOT an option!

I have uploaded a copy of my resume for anyone who can help me.

Anita, I hope that someone who lives closer to you can offer some suggestions. I think it would be a good idea to take down your resume from this site because I am worried that someone will be able to use your personal information in a dishonest way- like identity theft or something. Just my personal opinion because I was a victim of a scam artist once. You could always email it to anyone who is interested.

Have you tryed a not-for-profit organization with your experience?

Anita, have you thought about applying for Social Security Disability? The not being able to sit or stand thing is one of the questions I remember when I applied. You can talk to a SSDI lawyer, it’s a free consultation. See if the lawyer thinks you would qualify. If they do, let them do the work for you. You don’t pay unless you get your benefits. It’s worth a shot. Good luck!

I am having problems with employment too. I had a temp job that unfortunately also ended the same week I went into the hospital for my AVM. So I had no job to come back to. I was classified as disabled for about 4-5 months, which only paid a fraction of my rent, thank God for my savings. For a while there, I wasn’t confident in my abilities AT ALL to even survive an interview if I happened to get one.

Yes, what are differently abled/disabled people supposed to do? Some of us would rather work if we can, than just collect a check every month! Shouldn’t there be an organization to help hook individuals up with companies and jobs that they are qualified for? There has to be, but they never advertise these sorts of things because of budgetary constraints and then people would actually know about them and use their services… You and I may have had a shot in better times to find something to sustain us, but in these lean & mean times, if you have even a little thing that might call your abilities into question, there are 50 other applicants who don’t need accommodations of any sort!!

I have thought about volunteering, maybe you can do that and then hopefully make some connections that will lead you to a job? In the meantime, please stay positive and keep your head up!

Dang… and I was just about to recommend drug trafficking…lol. Humor helps sometimes…There’s a group here called Laughter and Humor Group which you can join.

I think the suggestion to apply for SSDI is a good one and it takes time but it doesn’t hurt to also use LinkedIn which employers look at (I’m sure you’ve already done a resume and have posted it everywhere but if not do that), state based jobs (I’m in Texas and I’m not sure what’s in your area), online job sites like careerbuilder, dice.com, etc. You said you’re a recent college grad … congrats on that! That should help you as well. I know to say it’s hard is a serious understatement but hang in there and keep doing what’s best for that little one. Best of luck!