Excerising is any kind ok?

Hi everyone,

So I need your advice on exercising. I need to lose weight and besides needing to also start a diet, I want to get some info on how much excerising I should do. I know before my Dr said no treadmill, and after that I didn't ask about other forms of excerise. Got bummed out about that type. I want to do things other than walking to speed up a weight lose. But I'm afriad of doing to much and end up hurting myself in some way., Whether it be a bad headache, or god for bid it cause a bleed. I still have my avm and know my limits i'm just tired of sitting on my butt, worrying that if I work out I will be stuck in bed in pain. Any advise would be greatly appericated! One thing is should I avoid joining a gym? I think that would be pushing it right? Should I just stick with lite walking and dieting??? Thank you all so much ~Andrea~


I think you are asking a question that no one (even your DR) can safely answer. As you probably know, when you exercise strenuously, your BP rises. What’s one of the bad things to do to an AVM: Increase the Blood Pressure that might trigger a bleed.

So whaddyado?

Unless your DR gives you a green light on more strenuous exercise, I would avoid it. Are you into Yoga? My wife loves it to help her stretch and relax.

If you have the green light for walking, I would think riding a stationary bike would be fine.

For us, finding a good personal trainer was some of the best money we’ve ever spent. But I wouldn’t do that against your DR opinions.

Hope this helps.
ron, ks

Hi Andrea,

I’m also stumped and bummed with your question. I had decided to get into shape and lower my very high Cholesterol but my AVM stopped me in my tracks. I purchased a mountain bike and was pushing my body to the limit up some crazy hills which started my symptoms that lead too the finding my AVM. Looking back at what I was doing I am surprised it did not pop up on those trails. I’m so lucky.

My mountain bike will be waiting for me in the garage while I deal with my AVM and then I will hit those hills again. Meanwhile walking, very light excise and healthy high fiber low fat diet is my goal. Looks like I may have to go on stains to lower the cholesterol. My Blood pressure is good thankfully but I will be keeping an eye on that as well.

Hi Andrea,

If your doctor ok’s it, Leslie Sansone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndVjwkaLGDk has some excellent indoor walk programs on DVD’s that you can modify to fit your needs, but like Ron says, first check with your doctor.

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I struggled with this right before my wedding. Yoga, pilates, very very very low impact stuff. Swimming. I’ve also been told swimming is like the best for someone like me with an AVM in my leg that’s so extensive. I’ve been real open with my docs tho. So, perhaps that’ll help.

I think everyone is different, so I would definitely give your doctor a call about this. I was originally told not to do any strenuous exercise, but that any other kind was okay. I started doing yoga and love it. (It has the added benefit of helping me deal with the stress of having an AVM). In December, however, my doctor said that he didn’t see any reason for me to continue to have restrictions on exercise. I have started running again (not often, but that’s because I hate running). I exercise around 4 days a week and feel great. I just try to listen to my body and, if I’m having an off day, I skip the exercise. (For what it’s worth, I have a brain AVM that has bled once. I had gamma knife in June 2009). Hope this helps!