Exploratory angiogram

Ok, so apparently my AVM is “unusual”, large, almost like a milky way AVM. And there is a strange mass beside it that the doctors in France didn’t mention but the team here has decided they want to go in and take a good look around. They think I might have an aneurysm along with my AVM so on March 9 am having an angiogram to find out and maybe, just maybe come up with some sort of treatment plan.
Right now the AVM is said to be too large, involved to treat, so I look forward to finding out more. The angiogram in France went ok, at least here I will understand what is going on around me, and they are going to put me right out. I just pray that I don’t have an aneurysm too!

I hope so much that there isn’t an aneurysm too! I hope that you are feeling as well as you can and that life outside of the AVM has calmed down. Very glad that you will be able to understand your doctors even though most doctor speak is a foreign language anyway, but at least it will be easier to break the code.

Oh yuck...why can't things be simple. Hmmm...I think you better message me. I have dealt with aneurysms in my family history too!

My son also had a very large AVM. He also had a very large aneurysm with it. He was 3 months old when it was embolized. They started on artery side by going all the way in and blocked off the arteries and then working back out. A month later they did the same on the venous side. They also stented his aneurysm so the vein was reinforced againist regrowing or rupturing as the flow decreased. It took 34 hours to do it all. I hope that ‘mass’ is nothing devastating. Find a great doc who will refer you to someone with more experience if he has any doubts that surgery can’t be done. Good luck to you. I’ll keep you in my prayers.


I have an aneurysm along with my spinal cord AVM. It's the AVM that has given me problems, rupturing once and growing back after being 'obliterated' with embolization. I've heard that it isn't uncommon for there to be an aneurysm close to an AVM.

I hope you will receive good news of an appropriate treatment plan with your angio, at least embo if nothing else.

I'll think about you on the 9th and will be sending good vibes your way, wishing you all the best.

Just wanted to say I’ll say a little prayer for you on the 9th.