Extremity AVM's...who is out there with AVM in legs?

Hi, I’m a soon to be 33 year old graduate student with an extensive AVM in my right leg. It progressed into my pelvis. I have been in and out of treatment predominantly with AVMs. The surgery tried when I was younger did not work. I have been dealing with this now for 25 years.

All I can say is thank you for being here.
I’m curious to see if anyone else is dealing with leg issues from their AVM.

i dont have a leg avm but i just wanted to let you know the best way to get in touch with others with leg avms would be by joining the extermity avm group…all you have to do is click on the group link at thetop right hand corner of your page and click on the avm extermity group…its as easy as that…you can also do an advanced seach just by entering leg avm in the advanced search box and it should come up with other members that also have leg avms and you will be able to visit thier page and leave them comments…hope this helps

Hi Melinda,

Echoing what Alicia said, there have been several posts in the Extremity AVM group concerning leg AVMs. From what I’ve read, they are challenging to deal with. If you pose this same question to the Extremity AVM group, I’m sure some one will answer.

Take care,


Hi Melinda, I was emailing with Shalon and she recommended that I reach out to you. I have been dealing with AVM in my lower left leg and foot for about 10 years. I have gone through 5 surgeries so far, the most recent 3 weeks ago and am still recovering today (but unfortunately back at work). I would love to share my experience with you and see what help we can provide each other, as I’ve never been able to find anyone who has dealt with these problems in my area, until I found this community.

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Hello my son has a vm in hid right calf and we have seen Yakes 4 times now and the vm is gone but his journey is not over he was a toe walker for 6 years that his knee was locked but 7 mos ago he had major surgery to help correct his knee …a long 7 mos now and we r just starting to see the light …it’s been a while since u posted did u decided on treatment …