Falling Asleep - Narcolepsy?

I have a hard time falling asleep at night, but seem to be falling asleep constantly during the day. I’m so frustrated because I haven’t got the energy to do anything! Does anyone else have this problem?

Hi, Connie, thanks for posting. Just a reminder that the site not yet public, so you may not get any replies until early January. Thanks for posting the question, however, and have a merry Christmas!

Yes and I was diagnosed with ideopathic hypersomnia.

Hello again, Gwen. What is “ideopathic hypersomnia”. It sounds like it has to do with excessive sleeping.

One of my doctors gave me Provigil to help me stay awake. It works pretty well. But since my insurance doesn’t cover it and it’s very costly, I’m only using thr samples when absolutely necessary.

Hi connie up at 1pm one day up at 4pm another day up at 5-30 another day ya feel sleepy 1-00 in afternoon somtimes 3oclock in after noon ya get very sleepy got to keep my self going feel like one of those old buddy’s you see in the retirment homes yep feel the same got a cure???:+)

Don’t our bodies realize that we are only about twenty in our minds? Someone needs to tell them to stop making us feel like 90! LOL

Dont know about our body’s but when i go to pick up the kids at 3-00 and 3-30 i am nodding of and when i pick up the 16 year old i some times do nod of and she bangs the window to wake me up must be getting old;-)

Have not got a clue wendy but i am finding a lot off little thing’s like this that i am starting to notice even during the night when i wake up to go to the loo or just to have a drink of juice or a fag i ha ve just took some juice and next thing sleeping wake up 1hour or so still holding bottle somtimes it’s the juice spilling over me that wakes me fag’s i dont know how many burnt mark’s on the floor the wife has told me to leave them in the living room now get’s really anoying somtimes ;+)
oh if you find out it’s to do with avm let me know???

Yes, it’s caused by the AVM, although meds can cause it too. I remember before I had any treatment, I fell asleep standing in the shower! Now, I sometimes fall asleep typing on the computer.

Hi connie thank’s for info med’s explain to a poor less informed person like my self does it concern medication 2000mg epilim a day do you think that may be it???

I don’t know anything about that drug. Maybe someone else here knows about epilim?

Hi connie what’s med’s ???

“Meds” is just short for medications. I’m sorry if I confused anyone…I was a nursing student thirty years ago and we always referred to the patients meds.

Hi liam traits narcoleptic what does that mean i thought i was all part of the soar head thing just pop a few paracetamal or somthing the doc’s did give me that pain injection but i thought it was just for my migrain’s???;+)

Hi wendy yes connie said it was the avm that couses it liam said i should see someone he thinks i should get some kind off tablet??:wink:

Hi, Wendy. My neurologist put me on Lexapro to help me calm down because I was crying and upset all the time.

Definitely consult your neurologist soon. I have been taking medications (steroids) that both cause insomnia at night and sleepiness during the day. So many variables to figure this out right now.


Hi liam will talk to the doc first visit that comes up=i have also noticed that my hand’s are getting a bit shaky of late will see which ever one comes first thank’s again m8t;-)

Hi liam what’a AED is epilim adictive??;-(

HI ben thanks as i said to liam will ask the doc’s first visit i getsoon i hope???:wink: