Feel good gowns!

It's official!!!

I'm finally up and in business. So for everyone that wants to be super fashionable and fabulous at the hospital, come see what we have!

I couldn't be more excited and I already have my first order! took roughly about 30 minutes after posting up on facebook. We all know how word spreads there.

Help me spread the word so that everyone who is unfortunate enough to be facing a hospital stay, can at least FEEL GOOD while they are there!


and become a fan on FB!


Hooray! I have an angio in July. I need to start shopping.

Yay! You will have to take some pics for sure. I love to have my AVM family be models. Cause afterall, we ARE the coolest people around :slight_smile:

Just placed my order! I will for sure take lots of pictures! I am so excited. This will brighten my hospital stay. Thank you so much!

Very cool! Love the “Flower Power” pattern you chose. Isn’t that material awesome?!?!? It’s one of my favorites. You will be the first person to wear it :slight_smile:

It was tough to choose between that and the cool chick purple one. I think I am going to have to go back for that one too! After all I might need more than just one!

Shalon you are MARVELOUS !!!

Congrats! That is so awsome.

Thanks guys! I have to admit I’m pretty freakin excited about all of it. But now that it is “out” there more of the hard work starts! Like actually making sure the website works and not just looks good (oops…still don’t know why it’s charging everyone CA sales tax!) and being able to make all the goodies that get ordered :slight_smile:
But it’s all soooo good that I can’t even pretend not to be thrilled. :slight_smile:

I had the nicest little surprise this morning!!! Seems a little AVMer was just waiting to be a huge help to me and Feel Good Gowns. After only one day of actually being open for business I found that I already had my first news article!!! Our wonderful Louisa surprised me with an absolutely wawesome write up at The Post Chronicle. I can’t say thank you enough. Such a FEEL GOOD thing to do! Love her!
You can read the article here- http://www.postchronicle.com/news/original/article_212290349.shtml
and the note I posted about it on my Feel Good Blog!

CONGRATULATIONS SHALON!! I have been waiting for this announcement! I will become a fan for sure on Facebook! Great idea and Good luck! Yay for you!

Thanks Joy!!! I’m super duper excited! And thanks so much for your help when I was trying to get everything put together for this. It has been a while in the making and all the input from my AVM family really helped me to get it to the point that it was “real!”

Wow, your site looks great. I’m definitely hopping over to fb to become a fan. I will pass the word to others about your site. Great for gift giving when you know someone is heading to the hospital or just wants to walk around with their butt hanging out. Congrats.

Thanks Janice! The site did turn out really well…specially considering I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to figure out all the “techy” side of building a site like that. But I guess even dummies can do it :slight_smile: And yes, they make super gifts. It’s actually my favorite part of the business- hearing about how THRILLED someone was to get a hospital gown. Sorta funny when you think about it. I mean it’s not like those are typical items on the birthdya or Christmas wish list!

Shalon, Congratulations on your site! It looks great; I knew you could do it! v/r Steve

Thanks Steve! It was definitely encouragement from all of you that made me decide to take this on. And I couldn’t be more excited. I sent my first “complete stranger” gown off a few weeks ago and she loved it, has sent me a couple pics to use on the website and wants some business cards to pass out at the hospital where she is having chemo! So it looks like even outside my little circle of supporters, that this has the opportunity to be a successful!

YEAH !!! I’m going to go to your site.

I’ve started sewing again, I made something simple, I love making very detailed clothing.
I’ll get back to the details by the fall, God willing.
I Love Your Gowns on your page, you are so creative.

I’m going to tell you a poem I wrote years ago:

I crave my space
like a junkie craves a fix
I need my space to create
I need to create to live.

Happy sewing !!!


Thanks Ameenah! Hope the fun gowns and fabric on my site help to inspire some of that creative craving :slight_smile:

This is kinda a funny story I wanted to share…Jaclyn was reading my ‘instructions’ for my upcoming 1st mamogram to get when I turn 40 at the end of this year aloud in the car last night. Well its starts out by talking about the kind of clothes to wear, what not to eat beforehand, and also that they supply the hospital gown. OMG …I thought right away … “No way…I have Shalon to the rescue with my first Feel Good Gown!” This business is such a great idea and of course can reach out to all fields of healthcare not just in our AVM family. Jaclyn always takes her ‘AVM CHICKS ROCK’ gown to her surgeries but also to every MRI appt and every unplanned ER trip! She LOVES her gown and it TOTALLY makes the hospital a brighter place! Great work Shalon as always…Love u lots! Kim & Jaclyn

ha! Of course I will come to your rescue! I’m like a real Super Hero at this point :slight_smile:
But actually that is a very good point, and idea. I hadn’t really thought about mamograms or other similar type reasons to be at the hospital or for tests. I was always really focusing on surgeries and such. Now I’m thinking I should absolutely add an option to have the ties in the front also, to allow specifically for this! You can be another first and work the prototype of the front tie gown :slight_smile: xoxo