Feeling a bit mad, when will i ever learn

Oh dear, I’ve done too much again and have gone and shouted at someone cos of doing too much. Does anyone else do this? Am feeling particularly stupid. I got some help in to sort my house ie clean it as it was getting mouldy and gross. This woman came and was BIONIC and did x hours work and was really speedy. So…

Today I thought, I know i’ll sort out the downstairs cupboard. And the shed - neither have been touched in 3 years. And do 2 hours gardening with a friend. Oh and go into town. And then, of course, I’m over tired. And get the ‘oh I’m tired too’ comment which always makes me go a bit angry. How do I stop getting angry when people say they are tired too? I have zero patience at times.



Flower, feeling a bit mad

I think I know how annoying that is… My husband’s neurologist used to use that kind of comment to minimize his mental/emotional complaints, saying things like “We all have word-finding trouble sometimes, that’s just part of getting older.” And now that I’m in physical therapy for serious leg injuries after being run over by a car, I am so tired of hearing people tell me about their sprained ankles and simple broken legs. Does that sound like what you’re experiencing?

I think the best spin on it is that they’re trying to empathize in the only way that people can…by relating it to our own experience. Outside of our own experience, all we can do is ask questions about how it feels, or say that we can’t begin to understand…and that can feel awkward to say, so I think people go with trying to empathize instead. There’s also a bit of normalization…they may think they’re doing you a favor by making you feel “normal.” I disagree that that’s a favor, but I can still appreciate the intent.

Here’s a great link on how one woman explained her “invisible disability” to a friend: http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/articles/written-by-christine/the…


Thanks for the link. Really helpful and very wise.