Feeling a bit off the past few of days

I have to say I have been feeling good up until the past few days. Light headed, fatigued, going into a room to grab an item or do something but once entering the room forgetting what I was going to grab or do, Word retrieval poor and saying the wrong thing knowing in my mind exactly what it was. Having a conversation and forgetting what I was going to say,struggling to find the right words, right arm and fingers are weak and uncoordinated. These are the symptoms that brought me back to my neurologist back in December. I do have a follow up at the end of the month, she asked me to contact her if I continued to have problems and she wanted me to schedule me for an angio to see if there is not anything funny going on with my residual AVM but at this time I also don't have insurance.

I hope everything is okay, higgins. If you can get some extra rest, it may help. Try to get insured -- it is very important for us AVMers. Visit the Obamacare site and get on the waiting list, if you can.

Hi higginst, I remembered welcoming you and just reviewed your profile. I'm sorry to hear about your current symptoms. dancermom had some good suggestions for you and I recall her suggesting to another member to contact the hospital social worker for possible funding assistance. Please keep us posted and I'll be praying for you.

Hi higginst, though the primary attention & memory issues can be addressed using professional medical help but to get the strength to stay strong & pursue them with faith, I would suggest please try to be actively involved in conversations with friends & people whom you like. Your daily routine must keep you so busy & occupied but at the same time not make u fatigued.

please do not find any excuses for skipping having timely food, proper adequate sleep. all these factors indirectly contribute to your strength to face these situations.

All the best with your follow up with your doctor.

Bangalore, India.