Feeling alone... Again

I was diagnosed with my avm right after moving back home from my first year of college.being away from my friends the whole I started to feel like I was totaly alone and thought it would get better. I was suppose to be living in a suite with 5 other friends. 1 ended up not coming back to school, 2 of them a never here anymore, my roommate, who I thought was my best friend moved out so she could live alone, and my other good friend, now my roommate is to occupied with her new boyfriend. And again I’m all alone. Wishing we never found this and things would go back to how they were before.

Hi Erin. I want you to meet another member here…
Please read her page…she is experiencing many of life’s changes as you are now. She is also young…I think the two of you could be friends!

My friend it is a new Journey it is like we were born again, BUt be positive and stay strong. Sometimes we have to learned how to live with the avm!!! Also family there are the ones that keep us going...
Please my friend do not give up have faith....Everything will be okay....God bless

Hey Erin,
College roommates do that unfortunately. You never know what they will do. Try not to take it personally and focus on taking care of yourself. I know it's just a computer, but you have friends on this site that care about you and your well being. I know you said you feel alone and your feelinga are always valid. Wish I could change that for you but I can't. All I can say is we will always be here for you and if at all possible, surround yourself with people that either understand what you're going thru and love you. (Preferably both) and don't ever forget how wonderful and unique you are. Good luck on this and everything you choose to do. :)

Erin, the only thing I can say about the situation is Things Never go back the way they were before! I think life is kinda like unwrapping a gift and Once we take the wrapping paper off, we can Never put the item and all the paper and tape back together as if it had never been torn off! I am 42 now, so I've had a few mor life experiences yet than you...and I can almost gaurentee you that things Never go back the way they were before!! wishful thinking but probably not reality. so please,please don't apply that reasoning to this situation. Stand your ground and remember" I can I should and I will" a much better philosophy than putting things back the way they were before!

Hi Erin! I am sorry you are feeling this way. I am a little older but I can identify. It is part of the journey. It is hard when you are in need of support and you learn who your real friends are. I can honestly say when I am having one of those days when I feel like I have no one to lean on I come to this site and suddenly I have lots of friends and they all have insight into what I am going through.

Keep you chin up! It's hard but you will be stronger when you are AVM free and your life is brand new.

Lots of love.


Hi Erin,
You must be around my daughter's age, she's 19. Friends, new and old, will come and go from our lives. Even I sometimes wish I were back in high school when homework was about the only thing I had to worry about! You have those normal things to deal with and then there's your AVM. Any of these are tough, but when they are all added together at the same time it can feel like a lot of weight on your shoulders. Let yourself have your down moods from time to time, but remember to add fun things to help perk you back up again. Even if you have to initiate it. You are certainly not alone, it's just that everyone here is hugging you through typing! xoxo

Hi Erin,

Sorry all of this happened. I certainly can understand why you wish the AVM never happened, but some of this stuff may have happened anyway even if you didn't find it.

But the major blessing I feel I've had from having my AVM discovered is that I found this site and met a lot of amazing people that I never would have met if I had just left the lump in my neck alone.

I'm glad you turned to us for support in this situation. We always will be here for you.

Take care,