Feeling emotional

Hi all! i’m new to this so not really sure how it works. I had a big bleed and blood clot a couple of months ago and i’ve been going to college part time because i’m determined to do well in my work. However lately ive been feeling really low and dont ever want to get up and go out to see my friends, and pretend that im happier. Is anyone else feeling this way? i’d love to hear from fellow AVM survivors, hope everyone is doing well and thanks in advance.


Welcome to the site… First let me thank you for those nice words u left on my profile. I also want to say happy ur avm was removed and you are recovering well. My sister had her bleed on aug 28th. She complained about a headache seconds later had a seizure and fainted. She was in a induced coma for 17days. Her deficits was left side weakness, thankfully yes her left side is weak but not very much noticeable. Her behavior was also affected but nothing major. She has a very short temper. Her craniotomy was on oct 5th. She isn’t back to her old self but she is definitely doing alot better…I dont know if my sister has really understood the severity of what happen to her yet…

I can not imagine how you feel, I am sure what you are feeling is very normal. I personally feel you should push yourself to have ppl around you. Like any sad situation its best to vent to someone instead of hold it inside. I hope you continue to feel better…

Your sister and I sound like we had very similar experiences- my best wishes go to her also x
and thankyou i will try and see people its just difficult to talk to people because obviously they cant fully understand. and i’m so sorry to hear about your miscarriage - that’s awful and must have been all the more emotional with everything else going on. i can’t imagine what you went through.

hope your sister’s doing well and hope your spirits pick up soon x

Hi, I had my AVM back in June & September 30 I was treated. I’m weak on my left side, but occupational therapy is helping a lot. For the longest time I felt like an outsider and was scared. I continue to have fear, and feel different from others, but now I also suffer from anxiety and slight depression. But I’ve also lost a lot in the whole situation. I see a therapist for my emotions & also try to see friends often. Then again, I’m a 15 year old girl & i’m pretty sure my emotions should change anyway. but beside that, i need help & maybe you should get some too.

Yeah im thinking about seeing a therapist but im a little worried. do you find seeing your friends helps? I hope you start to feel better soon too, im a 16 year old girl so i can relate to how your feeling. speak to me anytime x

thanks you very much x i think i will look for some help- though this site is helping alot, everyone is so supportive. hope everythings going well for you x