Figuring/fighting out life with my AVM

Trying to figure out my life with an AVM, every ones AVM cause diffrent problems and every ones case/problems are difrent.
(forgive my spellling I am working on it)

Ok I have been a service tech for BMW and Ferrari dealer as a service tech most of my adult life. I was living the dream that a lot of guys would like to live. If a car is worth more then 110 grand I have worked on it. I was at work when I was hurt witch lead to finding my AVM. S.S.D. Is not a lot to live off of with life bills and then medical cost on top.

This is what I’m trying to figure out.
If I take all the medication that my doctors give me I’m wiped out I sleep like 10-16hrs and some times for 20+hrs I’m a zombie and moody big time. I then feel like I’m wasting my extended life I have been given.
Now if I don’t take my medications then I’m energetic. The down side to this is I’m in a lot of pain the hole time. If I do try to get things done like I normal did the house or some car work then I get shooting pains all over like some rip’s off or stabs my arm, leg, chest or back ect. I can take the pain. This part I can not handle having very bad seizures and Migraines called “complex migraines” witch can put me in the ER. The complex migraines could rupture my AVM because of the location of my AVM on the main artery.
I have tried day trading and made a friend and my self some good returns. I had a hard time sleeping. I could not get the number and the trades to stop running a round in my head witch then caused migraines and seizures witch put me in the ER and in turn wiped out most of my gains. So that did not work out as an option.

I’m on S.S.D. Because of my T.B.I., A.V.M. And my back injury’s.
I live like this right now. I take ultram ER for the pain. CO Q 10, B complex and some other vitamins and Verapamil ER to help prevent the Migraines. I take Imatrex (injection or piles) for the Migraines if I feel a bad one coming on. If I try to work at a super slow pace and do not lift any thing heavy (A dealer or service shop would fire me for being slow), keep my head above my hart I can get some car work done or house work and still end up with a bad migraine. I’m worred that some one from S.S. Will see me out doing some thing one day (fixing my house or a car) and then say look we have seen him doing this ……ect and then I would lose my S.S.D. . I’m getting torn about the days I feel good and almost normal because friends and family see me on thosedays and you can see it come across their face and eyes and some times they even ask “So it seams like you are doing better think you are going to start working soon?” They did not see that I had been in bead for the past 3 days almost in tears in pain. I fight with the fact that I look normal like nothing has happened to me. I fight with the fact that I was lucky to have all my arms and legs and I can walk around normal. I have been lucky I can talk normal once more and if I keep it short most people do not know I’m in bad shape. I’m just not sure what the best way to deal with this is because I have heard of people that have had an AVM close off and then head back to work only to have it bleed or have some bad issuse come up and then have to quit or get fired from a lot of jobs. I do not want to be a much on the other hand or live a sub class life styal.

Books get judged by the covers!

Life is a one shot deal, party on my friends!

Hi Daniel Sadler,
I can certainlly relate to your situitions. I too considered myself good at reaching goals, doin the best at all I did. Ex: Own my 1st. home at age 19, contractors lic. at fairly young age, Learned how to relax to fight anxiety and depression. Aprail 03, 2003, my life change, Avm caught too late: extremt phy./mental damage. To make a long story short, to live a more normal life:

  1. detox my body from all the man made drugs that the drs. prescribed.
  2. took only natural vitiments/supplements
  3. did alot of research to help me control neg. feeling/abnormal
  4. lucky that my family/friends were patient

Soo! we can and will be better with the help of people we don’t personally know but people, members of this team–AVM.