First appointment on June 6th

I have my first appointment with the neurosurgon on monday and i dont really know what to expect. I am 19 years old and just finished my first year of college; I’m hoping i won’t have to take anytime off of school for anything, but I have no idea what to expect.

Best Wishes on the appointment.

I highly recommend having someone go with you to help take notes during the exam. Also helps to write down all your questions and each have a copy of that so that you can have your questions answered.

Ron, KS

Hi Erin. I have several friends on here who are 18-20 yrs old. I am going to send you a friend request. If you accept it then I can send you a private message with their profile pages. You can then send your own friend request to them if you wish. You are no longer alone!

Hi, Erin. I was 23 when my AVM was forst diagnosed, but I had been having horrible headaches for several months before finally being sent in for an MRI. Much like in your case, people pawned it off as tension headaches and that I just needed to relax and stop stressing out, or that my eyes were going bad and I was spending too much time in front of the computer. Of all people, it was an optometrist that sent me in for my first MRI when noticed that I had a partial vision loss in the upper right quadrant of each eye. Take a look at my page for a more lengthy story on the progression of the diagnosis, testing, treatment, etc.

Don't be surpriced if the neuro sends you in for more MRIs, or possibly even schedules you for an angiogram. It can definately some scary stuff, but try to take it a day at a time and remember that there are several people on this site who have been through very similar situations and are ready to answer questions and offer advice if you would like.

Good luck with this appointment, I hope it's great news for you and it doesn't intrude too much on your studies Erin. You come first, luckily education can wait until you are well again, but think positive and that it won't be too invasive.

Take care.