First avm surgery while being six months pregnant

So I went last tuesday to meet with Dr. Suen to discuss my surgery. Since he wasn’t able to do a lot of testing since I am pregnant he had to kinda guess what he was working with. He told us he was hoping I had an avf and the surgery would take around two hours and I would be rid of this awful thing. So the next morning I was at the hospital at 5 was in surgery by 7 with the hope that in two hours my journey would be over. Dr. Suen was wonderful he had an ob team look over me before the surgery he also asked them to give me steroids for the baby in case I was to go into labor then I was off to surgery. I woke up 7 hours and 37 stiches later to learn things didn’t go as planned. Dr. 4uen said he made a small cut under where the lump was located to quickly find he was indeed dealing with an avm and then found I had and extra vein growing feeding a small neck avm and a large head avm. He removed the vein and the two avms feeling pretty about it and started stiching me up only to find some scar tissue which followed to another large avm under my ear so he had to cut up by my ear . He tried to get everything but it was spread over my head and neck and said he may of missed some but my life is no longer in danger at this ttime he said he will do a dye test after I have the baby. If I still have some avm he will then coil it. This has been a horrible and scary road and Dr. Suen has no idea why the av ms waited this long to become active but in three moonths they had become life threating. I was told by my ob team its best I get my tubes tie pregnancy is too dangerous for me. So this will be my last child. Me and baby are doing fine. I do have to say Dr.suen is the most amazing doctor I have ever seen. I wouldn’t trust another surgeon to treat my avm.

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I am still praying for you and your baby!

London, I am so happy to hear that you and the baby did so well during the surgery! I will continue to pray for both of you!

I am so pleased to hear that you and the baby are out of danger and doing fine. I just knew Dr Suen would be able to help you. He is amazing!!! Keep us posted and God bless!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: so happy you and baby are doing so well!!! It sounds like you are in good hands!

Dr Suen removed an AVM from my tongue base in Jan 2011 during my 17th week of pregnancy. Because I couldn’t have the dye test while pregnant, I had the dye test July 12. More AVM was found. I had surgery on Aug 5. Hoping for a complete resection when I go in Nov for an angiogram. How old is your baby? My baby is now 3 1/2 months.