FIRST WEEKS OF JANUARY - Who is going to the hospital?

So there seems to be alot of you/us that are going to be at the hospital these first weeks of January for results, surgery, embo, MRA’s, MRI’s, etc. etc. - My son, Connie, Kathy, Shalon, Richie, Ginny, Brittany!!! Mike, Aislinn, Rachel, Arie, little Luke, …and others! so I thought we should start a post to let everyone update their treatments/results/ and some good wishes and prayers!

I’ll go first: My son is having his first follow up MRI and check up after his Gamma Knife on July 2. I am hoping for healthy brain around the AVM and no swelling or problems.

I want to wish everyone who is going to the hospital good wishes and speedy recovery. I will be thinking of you all.

I too noticed that it seems like there are a lot of us doing medical stuff early this month!
I’m leaving for Denver on Wed & having my 11th embo with Dr Yakes on Thur. My friend Cyndi will be in on Wed and Jodi’s daughter Arie is in the same morning as me! I’m hoping that I will get a chance to hook up with everyone in Denver!
As always I will let you all know how I am after embo, upload a new pic, and update my blog


Interesting that you mention this…I was called by the doctors on Dec. 31 for an appointment for another Embo. I got the idea the hospital was trying to get in touch with all of its AVM patients, which is great. After the embolization, I may be getting proton-beam or Gamma knife treatment. (The proton-beam I had 25 years ago didn’t help, so I’m thinking Gamma-knife will be the option.)

How has this worked out for your son?

Happy New Year and best wishes to you and your son!

i wish luck to all!!! i too will be going in for an embo and a craniotomy on 1/20/09 and I am a little anxious.

Hey all. I’m new here and it’s great to find a forum to bounce some shared experiences off each other. I suppose then i’ll just jump right in.

Firstly best of luck to all of you currently undergoing treatments. May 2009 be a great and sucessful year for all of you.

I just got out of hospital with my second treatment for my AVM which I’ve known about for about only a month now at the ripe old age of 30 something. The first treatment was a 7 hour embolization which didn’t really have the desired effect in reducing my AVM below 3cm’s and so I went in for a dose of the Gamma knife at the recommendation of a few other neurosurgeons. I’m 2 days out of hospital and obviously it’s too soon to tell anything regarding the results, but a few notes on side effects of gamma knife.

It can’t be related to anything psysiological but the headaches I’d been experiencing daily the past few weeks have not shown up since the gamma knife surgery. I’m not on painkillers and the closest thing I can correlate to this phenomena is that it’s psycho-somatic(mind over body) or in fact perhaps something to do with the steriods i’m on to avoid brain swelling. I think though probably the headaches were stress related and the very fact I’ve got the surgery under the belt and hopefully won’t have to see hospitals (which I’ve pretty much lived in for a a few weeks) for a while is a load of the mind.

One wierd side effect though is that my hair just 2 days later came out in clumps on the one side of my head. I shaved it all off for some balance. I’m not sure it will grow back. I had crappy thin hair in the first place but i’d like to think i’ll get back what I had. Oh well…for now I’ll suppose I’ll make the best of a bad situation and just milk all the attention and pity(he he).

So if anyone has any info on this I’d be very interested in hearing your experiences.

One again I wish you all the best for 2009 and beyond.

hi everyone we are all busy in this new year it looks like. my prayers are with all of us ! monday jan. 5th I go in for embolization again. they are keeping me over night in hospital. I grew another mess the doctor never saw last spring. well , what can I do ? it has to be taken care of. tristan hope every day brings healing for you.


I am having my 2nd embolization this Thursday the 8th. I will have a stereotactic radiation treatment probably next month. If all goes well that’s all I will need. :slight_smile:


rachel… hope all goes well for you and maybe that WILL be all for you. would`nt that be nice.

Rachel said:


I am having my 2nd embolization this Thursday the 8th. I will have a stereotactic radiation treatment probably next month. If all goes well that’s all I will need. :slight_smile:


My dad will be going in for an angiogram on the 21st of January to see what’s going on up there. This will be the six month check up since his craniotomy in June 2008. Hope it’s still obliterated…