"Flashbacks" or "Lucid Dreams"?

OK, so my surgery was about 3.5 years ago. For the most part, I remember nothing about the surgery. The last thing I remember from before the surgery was being wheeled out of the pre-op room and into the hall. The first thing I remember after the surgery is having more tubes in me than before I went in to the surgery. That’s about it. Supposedly, I was under twighlight sedation for the entire procedure, which essentially means that I was physically “awake” but mentally, was off in la-la land somewhere. From what the doctors and nurses have told me, it is not likely, nearly impossible that I coul actually remember anything from the surgery itself. But recently, I have been having dreams about being in the operating room, I can see the surgeon and maybe 3-4 other people walking around the room. The dreams last for just a matter of seconds. But it makes me wonder about the cause of the dream. Is it simply a dream that has been fabricated by my imagination, or am I actually recalling something from the surgery. Perhaps a moment when the anesthesiologist sneezed or something and slipped on the controls, causing me to gain a low level of awareness for just a few second.

Has anyone here experienced anything similar? Namely, coming to after surgery and not remembering anything, but as times goes on, you beleive you are remembing more things that took place? But it leaves the question, is it just a dream, or is it a dream based on a real memory?

A lot of times for procedures and surgeries they will use a drug called Versed. This medication has an amnesic effect. I have not had this experience, but it is possible to have moments of awareness and forget other parts of the sugery. I would guess if this is a true memory that your dreaming it may have been early on before heavier sedatives were given to you. I find it totally crazy that you can have a crainiotomy with IV sedation. I would be like put me out. My son wrote something on his myspace about is it reality or a dream. I sure hope that wasn’t a drug induced enlightenment.lol maybe.

Sorry Jake, can’t really say that I’ve experienced that. I was totally knocked out for my surgery. My daughter was in twilight land when the orthodontis did surgery on her tooth and there are somethings she remembers, but she wasn’t sure if she really remembered it or whether she dreamed it. I can’t remember what they gave her though. I know, I know it’s not the same thing as a brain surgery but maybe it is possible that you can remember. Maybe you just happened to be that special person who can remeber after such an ordeal. Hmmm!

hey i hallucinate sometimes even when i’m awake. my thoughts get mix up wit reality and I blame it on d drug. They cause me to react slow and make my frens who is sitting in d car reli reli nervous if I’m driving. which i do alot… but i remember one thing after my surgery. when i woke up… i know to things they were going to ask or say before they say it… even tho it is wrong… exp: I ask the nurse … how many tubes are there coming out of me… She answered 3. I say no… its 4. I reli didnt know why i answer her like tat… cos i don’t know… i cant feel it even tho if i try to count… well she counted for me and said… “ohh… 4 tubes” is tat cool or wat…


I was already in a deep coma when I had my craniotomy, but I do have a couple of vivid memories. I’ve always wondered about them. The first is the sound of the saw. (Sorry, I know this isn’t nice) but it really grips me. If I focus on it, I can still really hear it, and if I hear anything similar in real life, Im completely chilled to the core. The other memory is after the surgery, but still in a coma, and there are silhouettes of people/things all standing around my bed. Then I feel my hand being picked up, and I hear my Dad’s voice. He’s telling me I have to fight to pull through…and that if I can, I need to let him know its going to be ok by squeezing his hand. So I try. I put everything into it! Nothing happens. I know if I don’t that I wont pull through. So again -EVERYTHING, and finally, there is a small wiggle in my fingers. Everyone (the silhouettes) start clapping and cheering. Its amazing. I’ve never on earth felt such joy and celebration that came from these beings. I asked my Dad about it, and he remembers nothing like it. Im not sure if its his trauma selective memory (This was a big ordeal to go through!) or if its me having some kind of crazy side affect from the drugs! Its likely I have also just created these memories in my mind - although Im not sure why! Guess I’ll never know…