Flying to cold country

Hi Everyone,

I had radio surgery for my AVM this Feb,15 & i planning to fly to China in Jan/Feb.

My Doc said is ok to fly but i never ask him

1)5-6 hours flight is it ok?
2)is it safe to travel to a cold country when the AVM still under recovering? Will it

Anyone experience it???

GoodDay :)

Hi, since my radiation treatmentin feb and april this year I have flown twice and been absolutely fine, i dont think the temperature would affect anything either.

Hi William

So your treatment month same as mine :)
Thank you for the replied, i'm just worry abt that.
Btw, how's your treatment so far? Any MRI done?
My MRI schedule is this coming 16th.
Pray hard hope for good result :)

Hi Desmonil, I guess if the Doc thinks everything will be ok then you will be fine :) , Please let us all know how it goes. Thanks.


Hi Martin

Thanks for the replied. I will update you all asap.

Good Day

There is nothing wrong with calling your doctor to ask more questions.