Freaking myself out

so, i tend to do this to myself, think up the worst case senarios in my head and then freak out about them. when i was 16 they found my avm, had gamma knife and 11 months later the mri showed a lot of swelling were the radiation was but they couldnt see the avm so my surgeon said it was gone. my two year angiogram is in just under two weeks and i am going into panic mode. one, i am scared that the avm still is there and was just not visible because of the swelling and two i have done a little research online and i have seen numerous studies of children's avm either regrowing or growing in a different spot after gamma knife (i saw one guy who was 16 when he had his gamma and 5 years later it regrew) and i know there is a similar forum but what i am looking specifically for is if anyone has experience with a regrowth after gamma.

thank you


my avm was in my brain btw