Friday Night

Its Friday night and I’m getting dressed for the evening and the thought occurs to me : Is it socially acceptable for me to still wear Chanel? Or, are my Chanel days past me? Be honest here! Sorry, I loved my Chanel before the crash and burn Well I still love chocolate as well!! And there is No way I’m giving That up! Really its just humor, I’m nhot going to go shower my Chanel off either way!!:slight_smile:

It always acceptable to wear Chanel!

Absolutely! After all you have been through you should do whatever it is that you want ( with in reason, LOL) enjoy your evening and life to the fullest! Blessings! Marie

If I had some, NOTHING would stop me from wearing it!! Enjoy your evening & your Chanel!

Go for it! You wear that Chanel (my favorite is Coco). Or , who knows, maybe you’ll find a new signature cologne. But, no matter what, to thine own self be true.