Funny, maybe, for tbi survivors, What is the strangest thing you have said on being fired?

Hello all,
I have been fired more times than I can remember so now do voluntary work. However, today I went in and got fired from that as I have offended some-one (i.e. spoken before engaging brain,, hmmmmm, familiar anyone?!)

Anyways so the first thing I said was 'oh well they'll have to empty the bins and do the hoovering'

I am not surprised that I have been fired (my boss said he will keep me informed and hopes things will smooth over as he knows of my tbi and is a fairly solid bloke,)

Any other stories?

Sorry I missed seeing this, flower. I'm sorry you have had these experiences. There are benefits to a virtual format, aren't there, as it is builds in time to consider one's responses.