Gamma Knife in a few days..some questions!

Hi All,

I’m having my GK treatment scheduled in 1.5 weeks time and though I’m really looking forward to it I’m feeling a little anxious as well.

So here are a few questions to some of you who have experienced this treatment – I know each and every detail of the procedure but may be small things which you wished you knew before? How did you feel afterwards? Swelling? Headache? Tiredness etc? How long you had to stay away from work?
Were you given steroids?

I’m fortunate to have no symptoms (other than mild headaches) due to my AVM right now and I’m near fit as I could be but then I fear it might all change…My AVM was found to be towards the middle in left frontal lobe and deep enough that surgery could have been very risk and so is embo so they recommended SRS.

Thank you.

hi ky,
I know each and every detail of the procedure but may be small things which you wished you knew before? Not really. Its all pretty straight forward. 2 most difficult tings, are the injections pn the head to put in the screws, but its not that bad. Then you have to stay in position for many hours - that can do your head in a bit, and aches the body some.

How did you feel afterwards? A bit tired in the evening, but i had no problems.

Swelling? Ive had 2 doses - none for both

Headache? None at all

How long you had to stay away from work? I had to stay over night in the hospital so the next day was rested - day after straight back to work for me. Sport the next dat too.

Were you given steroids? Eh!? Why would you ever need steroids!?

Its all pretty easy peezy. Yes ther eis a risk of swelling; but its very small. The percentage of a problem are minimum, but whats the way it is with any operation…im sure you will be fine :slight_smile:

Just a long day coming your way, no biggy. My only advise would be to ask your doc to knock you out temporary while they fit the halo. They did that for me but some docs don’t for some reason… I was tired for about 2-3 weeks afterwards and no other issues to report. Sounds like yours in in a similar location to mine. I’m doing great and AVM just 12 months post GK. Good luck.

Hello KY,

Everything will go well try to stay calm. Pretty much everything you do on that day you have done before for the exception of the Halo and the Gamma Knife but as for the tests prior you have done them. I felt tired after I just wanted to go home and sleep in my bed. If was a long day and I couldn’t wait to be on my pillow without the halo!

I had swelling in the brain however it only began a month or two after the actual treatment. I only remember one headache about one week after the treatment. I was tired I have Gamma on Sept 2 and was bad at work around Oct 1. In December I was given steroids because of the swelling but every person is different so try not to compare yourself to others because first you don’t want to get over worried and think could that happen to me and second you don’t want to be disappointed if you have some side effects and you were thinking like it was going to be the same as someone who many have had no side effects.

My AVM is in the same location but on the right side. Just listen to your body if it says lay down then do it when you feel good then do something you love. Don’t push it in the beginning; you will get back to your everyday life in time no need top rush you will have a life time to be on the GO!

I will be thinking of you, keep smiling!


Sleep as much as you can before and after. Be prepared for side effects and consider it a blessing if you have none.

I had Gamma Knife in June. For me, the worst parts were having the halo fitted & removed & lying flat on my back for so long with the halo on. The lidocaine shots in the scalp at each pin site for the halo really hurt me, and my nurse gave me additional pain killer in my IV. I go back in December & plan to ask for them to give me the IV pain killer prior to the shots in my head.

My back was bothering me before I actually went into the GK machine–there were 4 of us that day & I was the last to go in. The nurse gave me something to help with that, but on an empty stomache, it made me nauseous & I threw up on them before they could get anti-nausea meds in my IV. So…I know to tell them to give me anti-nausea stuff at the same time as the other (did that in July for crani & it helped).

I’m a teacher, so I had my GK done the week after school was out for the summer, so I didn’t have to worry about going back to work right away. However, I think my recovery was actually easier from GK day than it was after my original angiogram in April. I had GK on a Wednesday & just took it easy for the rest of the week since I didn’t have to be anywhere or do anything.

The day of GK, I was cranky because I couldn’t eat anything & had to lie flat. And my family kept bumping my bed all day–not fun with the halo on or after the procedure.

I was not given steroids after GK.

I asked for an angio seal this time and it made the recovery from the angiogram much more pleasant. Cuts the time laying flat in half (or less). Don’t be afraid to ask for meds. I have had headaches my entire life and tolerate pain very well. I found the halo coming off very challenging, a definate 10 on the pain scale. But as soon as told them they gave me an injection and the pain was gone instantly. Don’t let it get to that point.

Hi - my son Matt had gamma knife in Harley street London 6 years ago. He didn’t bother with numbing injections re the halo, think he just wanted them to get on with it. His treatment took all day, he stayed overnight in hospital, came home the next day. Unfortunately had a small bleed the next day, was readmitted back to our local hospital as a precaution. All went well after that hiccup, and he had no more seizures. Experienced coloured lights, tingly hands etc over the next few years whilst the radiation was doing it’s job. 4 years later - avm free and no medication. He’s a very fit 30 year old, plays football, squash etc. Is currently touring America, having a ball, back 5th October. He’s on here, but you can get him now on Facebook if that helps. ( Matt ransley) all the best my friend - I’m sure all will be fine. Chris (matts mum) x

Thank you all for useful tips and positive comments.

I’m asked to come in a night before and I’ll be the only case for the day so hopefully will be finished by lunchtime. Will keep you posted.