Gamma Knife Radiation - Progress?

I had gamma knife back in June. I had my 6 month MRI last week and found out today that there is no change in the size of my AVM. I know that the radiation takes a long time to work (and that everyone is different), but I figured I would check with others about what kind of progress they had. I just need some encouragement today!

My info won’t make you happy but its nice to know the good and bad. I had gamma 2 1/2 years ago and there has only been a slight change :frowning: I ago for another mri in march and will be told when the next round will start. Best of luck to you

I have had gamma knife 4 times. My AVM is larger than most so the first three were staged (planned that way, 1 year apart for each one). I waited three years. There was substantial growth however the doctors wanted me to have another treatment. This last one was about a year ago. Gamma knife is a long process. I am a nurse as well as a patient. Unfortunately we have to be patient with this. The gamma knife does work and it avoids radical surgery but it is a long and slow process. I’ve been at this since 2001 so feel free to ask me any questions if you have any.

Hi Rebecca
The first MRI I had showed some progress, but then the next 3 MRI reports showed no change. I know it depressing not to hear good results, but my neurosurgeon says you don’t really know exactly whats going on until they look at it during an angiogram.MRI’s only show some of it. I just had my 2 year post Gamma Knife angiogram and the news was wonderful. Only a few feeder veins left. So keep the faith and know the results will get better