Gamma Knife x3

Hi everybody! I hope you all are doing well and having a great day/evening. Just wanted to update that I’ve went from having an embolization done to now switching to gamma Knife due to potential vision loss. Today was my first gamma treatment and it went very well thankfully. I’m going to need 3 treatments in total within the next 6 months. If anyone reading this is nervous about going to their first treatment, know that it’s gonna be okay!! I had an mri then angiogram then radiation. I asked for a lot of sedation because the normal amount (1-2 doses) is never enough for my body. Feel free to ask your nurse for anything that’ll make your stay more relaxed and less stressful :slight_smile:

Also p.s. my avm is cerebral, 4x4 cm, and near my vision if anyone can relate and wants to share their experience :purple_heart:

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Thanks for sharing. It is really helpful for people bothered about gamma knife and great to know you got through it nicely! Well done!

Good luck with the later zaps (and I’m sorry not to give you a bit of a cheer before now)

Well done! :+1: :muscle: :vulcan_salute: :clap:


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I’m really sorry I missed this post, I’ve been a little tied up with some family health issues so not on as much as often as usual. It’s great to hear that the first treatment went so well. I’m sure the next two will follow suit. I had gamma back in November of 2016 and only required one shot for mine. I agree in respect to asking the nurses anything. The ones I dealt with were fantastic and very clearly loved what they did which always instills confidence. I sent them a coffee card after the fact in thanks for the way they treated me.

I will tell a little funny story I have posted here before. After having the halo installed I went for a CT next which was a few minute walk away, I was in the wheel chair and a nurse pushing me. As we approached people they I would watch them until they had to look at the guy with a frame attached to his head. As soon as they looked at me, which all did, I said “G’day”! The stumble over response and hi, or hello back was entertaining. I usually don’t like to have fun at others expense but given the circumstances the nurse and I had quite a laugh about it. I think she was getting about the same charge out of it that I was.


I am glad it went OK for for and hope the next two go well too,
My AVM was as big as yours and had 3 feeder arteries. In 2015 I had “Gamma Knife”. And you are right - procedure is not too bad at all. I should get the latest on how it is going in a few months but things are not looking too bad so far - I am so grateful to the wonderful people who invented it and all the work that went into making MRI machines and the zap machine.

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