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Ok. It might all be “migraine-related” so not necessarily something to worry about. It’s just that your migraines are triggered by your AVM.

Migraine is an amazing thing. As I said in the post that I linked, I was reading “Migraine” by Oliver Sacks. He describes all sorts of things that can be part of migraine “aura”. The dizziness and the nausea may be part of it. I know someone for whom fear is a symptom, and I remember reading it in the book. I can’t remember if dizziness or nausea are common, so it would be best to say to talk to the neuroradiology specialist nurses about it, as they will know, whereas I am guessing. But it wouldn’t surprise me if they said it might just be aura, especially if the feelings are only at the same time as the scotomas.

Main thing… don’t worry about it. It’s probably completely benign. But talk to the nurses to check.

Oh, and never doubt yourself. It’s completely normal. If you look at my thread that I shared with you, I was doubting myself at exactly the same point as you but it’s normal and not to dwell on. You have to go with the decision you made, not regret stuff like this. You had a tough choice to make and you made the right choice. It’s very early days, you know? Chill out. It’ll be fine: it does take a long time, though, so you’ll do well to grow a bit of patience.

I’ve just googled and dizziness and nausea are common effects of migraine (rather than the aura) so probably just your brain taking exception to the disruption it has undergone. However, as always, if you are worried talk to the nurses.

I hope that you are recovering well from the procedure. I have experienced something similar to what DickD is describing, and am hoping to get a bit more clarity (bad pun) from Mayo when I visit again in November (2 years post surgery). I’ve experienced a number of incidences of lost vision and disorientation since my procedure, two of which prompted me to go to the hospital (primarily out of fear that I had suffered another bleed).

In addition to what others have mentioned, I had numbness in my skull for several months after the procedure, which was more strange than really problematic (it’s hard to believe that my body reacted to the local for so long or that they had something so powerful…).

I would say I felt pretty minimal effects from the procedure afterwards otherwise, though. I found it helpful to share on here about my experience (although it took me a while to do so), in part to help normalize to some extent what was occurring.

Wishing you strength


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Hello all. I thought I would chime in because of a recent change. I had the unfortunate problem of a broken field of vision. I was driving back from our local grocery store on night and realized suddenly I could only see out of my left eye. I did make it home and went to my neurologist who referred me to a neuroopthamologist. She ran me through a number of test and confirmed that I had lost vision that that I probably won’t get it back from the underlying damage to the brain which connects to the eyes which are fine. So healthy eyes, defunct brain! But I say that to say, your brain is a powerful organ which if damaged may manifest in failure to other parts of the body that are controlled by the brain. But you and I receive each day in a 24 hour increment. So take it 1 day at a time and blessings as you continue!