Getting your balance back

I had an AVM removed in 2006! I am AVM free!! I had an AVM on the outside of my brain stem also a shunt placed in my head. Since my surgery I have lost my balance and my coordination is not great. I was in a wheelchair for 2 years now I use a rolaiter walker to get around. That is a walker with a seat. I am learning to use a single cane I hope to one day walk without any assistance. I go to physical therapy twice a week and to the gym at least 5 days a week. My doctor says that he does not know when I will get my balance back, hell I am not supposed to be alive. My question is has anyone had this happen? Does balance eventually come back?

Hi Lynne. A good friend of mine on here might have some good ideas for exercises to help you…
He is a body builder who had an AVM bleed.

Thank you I will check it out!!

Dear Lynnseyb,

I also had an AVM in the brainstem with subsequent balance problems. If I have had any improvement, it has been so gradual that I have not noticed. One activity that seems to help very slightly is rowing on a rowing machine at the gym. My guess is that the constant change in angle, as I row, stimulates the balance mechanism in the inner ear. I have also performed exercise that have helped.

Best wishes,