GOOD NEWS - no tinnitus

After my last brain amgiogram that left me with a terrible headache every day since and after my last MRI, they determined that there was no AVM, ameurysm or fistula. Whew
What a relief, however the same problem persists— constant pulsating sound in my head on the right side.
My neurologist them suggested a lumbar puncture to measure pressure and to see if there are any abnormalities in my spinal fluid. Fluid was CLEAR!!!
However the pressure was very high. He went back in and removed fluid that surrounded that region.
What a relief!! NO SOUNDS IN MY HEAD!!! it’s gone!!! I’m still in the hospital on an IV & taking drugs but so far so good.
Just thought that I would share. It’s called. IIH
There’s no reason why I have it and no cure other than lose weight. So that is what I
Going to do.

Yay…I love good news!

Great news!! Success and am end to this mystery! Congrats and hope your recovery goes well.

Good for you!!! I’ve had tinnitus for 30 years…I’m happy for you, that you no longer have it. :slight_smile: