Good news today!

When I met with the neurosurgeon in May, my treatment plan was to have 3 Gamma Knife treatments 6 months apart to shrink my AVM, then a craniotomy in about 2 years to remove it. Somewhere along the way, we would deal with the aneurysm they found during the angiogram.

Well, I had my first Gamma Knife treatment June 8. At that time, he told me the nidus of the AVM was smaller than what they originally thought.

Today, I had my follow up visit to discuss the aneurysm. I will have surgery in a couple of weeks to fix that and a 2nd Gamma Knife treatment in December, then I should be done!!!! He doesn't think a 3rd gamma knife or a craniotomy will be needed for the AVM!!!!

Yeah! Sounds like great news!

Congrats! That’s wonderful news & glad you shared with us! :slight_smile: What a relief huh?

Super hurrah!

A Collins,

I celebrate your good news! Forty years ago When I had the first of four craniotomies there was no gamma knife or emboliization at all. There was a 40% survival rate for AVM patients and that was it! I'm so glad for you that you'll be free of the Enemy that we both faced and triumphed! My story online is at: Fear Not, My Son

Best of everything in all,

Rob Forsythe

Very happy for you! We meet tomorrow to discuss LINAC radiation treatment for my daughter. Tomorrow is her 19th birthday also. Wish us luck!