Good news!

I had GK in June to start shrinking my AVM & crani in July to clip 2 aneurysms.

Since then, my headaches/migraines had changed & it had me a little concerned. I was in my classroom one day last week having a bit of aura & the headache in the new location. I emailed my husband & asked him to contact either my family doctor or the neurosurgeon & ask if I should be worried & what I might be able to take–Tyelenol wasn’t working & I’m not going to take Vicodin while I’m teaching.

He forwarded the email to the neurosurgeon’s office. They called on Tuesday & wanted me to have an MRI as soon as possible just to be safe.

I had the MRI on Wednesday & one of Dr. Kim’s assistants called us late yesterday afternoon. Nothing to worry about & that my brain is showing remodeling!

He does want me to see a neurologist about the migraines. There is one in his clinic who meets with him weekly to discuss patients. She also sees patients in other parts of the Houston area, so I may not have to travel into downtown Houston to see her.

So…aneurysms are clipped.
AVM is shrinking (another GK scheduled for December)
and now we’ll work on the migraines.

Things are moving right along.

Super Hurrah!!! Now that is good news!

Fantastic News! Congratulations!