Got a date for surgery!

Just leave all your worries behind and be positive.
NO pull over clothes.
God Bless!

I had the crainiotomy but not the embolisation that you will have.

My crainiotomy was difficult at first and for me it took time, time, time,
and prayer. But now it has been 13 yrs. and I am enjoying the best time of
my life, and you will also!


I highly recommend purchasing a shower stool. I was so glad I did. Also, I felt particularly unwell (nauseous) in the mornings when I first woke up for a couple weeks and fruit popsicles helped. Don't hesitate to ask your primary care physician for a prescription for Xanax or Ativan to help with the panic/anxiety leading up to your surgery. It was such a relief just to have it even though I didn't end up using it more than a handful of times in the months prior to surgery. I did use it the day before surgery and it made things much more bearable. I also used a guided imagery for surgery CD recommended by a friend for 2 weeks prior to surgery. I found it a bit annoying, but kept with it anyway. I have no idea if it helped, but many people feel as though it does. I mostly just credit my awesome neurosurgeons. I am 8 weeks out and feel great. The first week was the hardest for me, but things rapidly improved from there. Recovery ended up being much better than I anticipated. I went from being too tired and weak to walk down my driveway to jogging at 5 weeks. Best of luck.

Be happy that your surgery got moved up. It may interfere with your plans now but you have less time to stress and second guess your decision. After surgery you'll want to keep busy. Books, puzzles, magazines, small crafts.... these will all help keep your mind as well as your hands busy. Will be praying and sending healing thoughts your way on the 23rd. L.

Mine was 4years ago and I feel great. Family support helped me through it.

I'm wishing you all the best, Jane!

Rest - lots and lots of it whenever you need it. Patience - a boatload of it. Recovery will take much longer than you think it ought to. The willingness to know your limits and to let others know them as well. People unfamiliar with brain surgery will probably assume you're completely recovered long before you are. Be willing to tell them if there's something you feel you cannot accomplish yet. Gentle movement - try to move around as much as you can as soon as you can afterwards. It will help you heal faster. Just be ready to be worn out long before you think you will be worn out.

I will keep you in my thoughts!

Family support was the best thing to help me through the AVM 26 years ago. Now, my children are 25, 23, and 21 with my wife still putting up with me. I feel lucky and hope the luck goes with you.

So pleased to see your reply. Your blog (which I’d already found weeks ago) is the reason that I bought the pillows in the first place!!
I can’t believe it’ll be a week today that I go in. I have to call the hospital at 13:30 on the Sunday to confirm that there is a bed available. If so, then I’ll be in at 16:00.
It sounds silly, but I’m dreading the night before…being in hospital; knowing what’s going to happen in the morning and still being expected to try and sleep that night!
I just hope everything goes ok and I don’t have to face any additional unexpected complications.
Just gotta keep positive and look on the bright side!
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply,
Best wishes,
Jane x

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