Got my date!

Hello all ! got my date for the surgery( embolization/ craniotomy) January 21st. I am a bit disappointed, I hoped it would have been sooner. I guess everything happens for a reason. Sorry I haven’t responded much to comments; have been busy with therapy and reading a great book ! Don’t Leave Me This Way: Or When I Get Back on My Feet You’ll Be Sorry by Julia Fox Garrison. Hope everyone is doing well and I am so upset over baby Nathan.

I’m glad that you got a date. Yes, it does seem like everything takes forever with these treatments!

Aren’t those two separate treatments? I thought Surgery was one form of treating the AVM and that Embolization was another? You are having both?? Sorry, just got diagnosed the other day with an AVM and my first appt with a neurosurgeon is tomorrow morning.

Best wishes,

That’s terrific. You are going to have the most amazing holiday season this year.

January 20th I have my embolization to prevent bleeding during the surgery then the 21st I have my craniotomy. Yes, I have been waiting since last January. I was scheduled for it January 14 last year and it bled the 6th. Then, this year September 23rd I went in for the surgery, began and stopped because they found an infection ! I haven’t been having luck! Finally though, this will be it !

I’ve read that book and its quite good!
Best wishes on your procedures. Stay well!

Hello. Excellent!! So excited for you! It seems we must always hurry-up and wait. With therapy and reading and holiday “stuff”, perhaps time will fly? I am going out to find that book you are reading. Any book with a title such as that deserves a good read! By the way, 21 January is the date I was married(a long-long-long time ago) so we will share an anniversary date…New beginnings…You and tours are in my thoughts and prayers. Be good to you. Take care of you.

Third times the charm, right?!?!? Glad you have a date. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy the holiday season and then attack this thing just after the new year! Yay!

Glad they gave you a date Aislinn! All the waiting will be worth it in the end, you’ll see.
They’re taking their time with my invitation too but I’m kind of expecting to be called up in January as well.
Merry Christmas, and I hope your New Year will be a happy and healthy one!