Great Website: Everyone Here Rocks!

I needed to stop and tell everyone that I really appreciate all of you.

When I found this site I was able to branch out to talk with other people what "understood." Too often, we have friends and Caregivers that "don't really 'understand' the magnitude of an AVM."

It is really nice to be able to log onto your computer and always know you can vent or just share with a community that has "open arms."

I just wanted to thank ALL of you for being a part of this is just beautiful!


I just LOVE your profile pic. I don’t care how old I am…I happen to like teddy bears!

I second that! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t tell my friends or husband about the amazing community we have here! I am forever grateful for finding this site. I just wish it wouldn’t have taken me so long!

Hey Judie,

I couldn't agree more, and thank you for being a part of making this site what it is to all of us.