Growing of AVM possible?

if, in spite of irradiation after 3 years, a small residue is left, can it be grown again? will then irradiated again? I ask the doc in a mail for the date of MRI, but he is on vacation :-(. Waiting, waiting, waiting since 8 years … I’m so tired.

Hi Lisa. I did a search for you…
As you can see from the responses…lots of people have the same question!

thank you for the link!

I’ve read a few pages, but so far found nothing about it. Only children over the growth in. I had radiation and embolization. no surgery. does anyone know anything about it or someone has read something about it that it can grow back again? I can hardly read the many information yet.

HI! Lisa you have to remember that we all are different. Last year I spoke to my neurologist and he said that It can growth back. BUt Some of the members are said that their neurologist said that it can’t growth back, also mine said that in order to know if the radiation work it can take up 10 yrs. As a personal experience my aunt had an avm on her leg they did the treatment and for years she was find, years later it came back. Have faith my friend and be patience my friend, Im so sorry you have to go trough, please do not give up!

Heaven is crying, it rains in Berlin. I have just read, why I can not hear any music that I’ve loved before. It lies on the right temporal lobe. I’ve made ​​music even earlier. I’m sad about it. Sometimes I wonder why this happening to me. I did not harm anyone, was always honest and loving. no one deserves something like that. Nevertheless, I’m not giving up. Hugs to you!

Lisa, my sister just had hers removed yesterday. That was one of my questions to her dr. He treats both children and adult avm’s. He said it is possible for it to go back BUT its very rare in adults its mostly children because their brain is still developing…From my understanding they also said it wasnt hereditary but they are sending her AVM to pathology and genetics to make sure it wasnt… Its scary but like my boyfriend says "the human body is a mystory"



there were small veins outside the avm, which were also irradiated, because they thought it were new. but the doctors did not know it exactly. Yes it’s a mystery.

I hope, your sister feels better now!