Had this t-shirt made for my wife

I like it!!!!


Thank you DeeDee...she did too =o)

Awww... so sweet! Green butterflies and everything...awesome. :J

Thanks! I wanted to use the AVM Survivors butterfly logo, but couldn't find one with enough clarity. Also wasn't sure if I needed permission to use it. Went through a couple hundred butterfly images to find this one.

That's so nice!!! what a sweet husband you are :)

Thank you =o) I see that your AVM was on the brain stem. I have a friend with a 9 year old daughter who also suffered one on her brain stem. They think at this point that it is inoperable and they plan on starting a radiation treatment once she's out of rehab and strong enough. In a way, it's comforting to see that someone who had the same injury was able to have it corrected.

Very lovely!