Hair loss after SRS

I had SRS on Sept 22 to treat my AVM. Two weeks later a large chunk of hair fell out which thankfully was the only side effect I had

The bald patch is still there , it’s about 2 square inches, and I’m wondering if anyone else suffered anything similar and how long their hair took to grow back, if at all


I had Gamma Knife in June to start shrinking my AVM, then a crani in July to clip 2 aneurysms. In September, I had a nearly bald spot about the same size as yours. It was adjacent to the strip that had been shaved for the crani. (but fell out some time after the crani). It isn't nearly as thin as it was 2 months ago, but I think some of it is still coming out.

Mine didn't come out all in one chunk, though. It was several strands each day coming out--and it looked like HUGE amounts because I had waist length hair at the time.

It is a common occurrence on here…

After my embolization i lost my hair at the site of my AVM, i had a bald spot about the size of yours, maybe silightly larger, my last embolization was in august and my hair has started to grow back, its probably about an inches long now, it took a while but it did grow back.