Hair Loss

I was wondering if anyone had hair loss after their Gamma Knife or Linear procedures. I lost around a half dollar size amount of hair both times over the area being radiated. Yesterday I had a bad headache along with shooting pains and when rubbing the back of my head noticed almost a quarter size area probably bigger where my hair is gone. It has been 1 1/2 years since my last radiation. I did not notice this before. I know there is a small chance of permanant hair loss but does anyone know if after hair has grown in a reoccurence of hair loss can happen?

Did you ever lose it again after it start growing back (probably about 4") and did not have additional radiation?

Hi Lee Ann,
No I didn’t have hair loss…they just cut it or shaved that area they were working on. My hair grew back…but it sounds like the radiation and maybe meds are doing it! Go to a good Hair stylist and ask for advise! Nothing fun about having hair loss. Looks like you have long hair that maybe they can cut and style different! So hard for women, to loose hair! So sorry, that is a b#$%h…
Sending Angel light and love…d

I had a brief hair loss right at the “laser” point, but it grew back. Now I’ve got this recurring issue with a receding hairline, but I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with the radiation!!

I didn’t have eiher of those teatments but i did lose all my hair at the back bigger than the size of my hand had to have it all cut and i wore a permenent ponytail for months, its was after my embolization i was convinced that the surgeon had glue my hair folicles or something
My hairdresser told me to take Sea Kelp and Brewers Yeast tablets to encourage it to grow back

Yeah, it happened to me and the doctors didn’t warn me it could happen. You wouldn’t believe my shock. When it kept coming out and coming out, I cried and kicked things. Losing your hair when you’re a woman especially is a very traumatic thing, in my opinion.

I lost half a head of hair. The picture is from when it just started falling out. That was day 1. I had a massive bald patch for about 3 months, then it grew back.

I don’t know why it would fall out so long after treatment. Ring up your radiosurgeon or neurosurgeon is my advice.

Best of luck.
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I had gamma knife in May '08 and assumed that since I didn’t have any hair loss right after the procedure that meant I wouldn’t have any at all. Are you saying that it’s possible that I may have hair loss when I hit the 9 - 12 month mark? I realize that none of you can tell me for sure, one way or the other, but I would like to have a ‘heads up’ if the possibility of hair loss could be in my future when I hit the 9 month post gamma mark! Any input would be greatly appreciated!
Christine W.

My daughter had radiosurgery in November 2008. Since then she has lost a spot similar to the one you described- about the size of a half dollar. The spot was extremely tender for the first 6 weeks or so, but this went away, as well as the headaches. Where did you hear that the hair loss could be permanant?

I also read in one of the meny papers I received , it’s rare but possable .

This topic made me think of something relating to hair falling out … did any of you lose chunks of hair where the screws had been placed in the back of your head? When the pin-sites in the back of my head healed I had pea-size scabs that eventually fell off and the hair in the area was attached to it! Anyone else experience that?

Ok- one more thing…a couple of weeks after Katy’s radiation, I noticed that the back of her head had turned a really dark color- it looked like someone had dyed her hair and the dye had stained her scalp! This went away after about a week or 2 and thats when she started losing a patch of hair. Well now, 2 months later, I just noticed that her entire scalp has turned that dark color now! I am concerned that she is going to lose all of her hair this time. I called her neurologist, we have an appt in a week. Has anyone else had any experiences like this???

Lee Ann I lost a good bit of hair just after treatment , I knew I would . It grew back ; but now everytime I comb or wash it I have some come out . I can’t keep a pony tail in . I also wonder if it"s meds or radiation ??I take Dilantin and Tegretol, both say may cause hair loss . I’m not happy about that !